If you type Airspresso in a search engine you get all manner of reviews my favorites are in Wired and Gizmodo


RideOn Dec 2010-Jan 2011

A good honest review. The cup holder is slippery on a china cup. There is some development on a revised rotor shaped holder with a fabric hinge. This allows the cup holder to be folded round the Airspresso in the tool can. It's not quite there yet but will be an option in the future. Click on the image to download.

Info sites  


Hiking gear review. Alway a delight to have the weight double checked by folk who are dead keen on reducing weight.

Cycling About

The long distance cyclists view of the Airspresso. Hard to fault the addictions of cycling, coffee and travel.

Outback Crossing

One from the 4WD drive folks. The addiction holds even even if you have plenty of space on a motor to help.

Extended Road Test  
Dome Deli is riding from Sydney to Budapest through some very interesting countries in a trip estimated to last about 450 days. Full disclosure Airspresso chipped in a unit and coffee for the trip.

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