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100-BBA-04-001 Airspresso complete with tool can to fit bidon cage, filter basket, tamper and coffee. The whole deal just add your favorite cup, pump, hot water generating equipment and brew on!
100-BBA-04-002 Airspresso with coffee and filter basket. Light weight option for backpack sports. For those that count every gram, requires an object of convenience to tamp the coffee. Reduces the weight to just under 200gms.
100-BBA-04-003 Airspresso and filter basket only. No coffee, no retail packging and no stickers. Light weight option for backpack sports and wallets. Requires an object of convenience to tamp the coffee. Reduces the weight to just under 200gms.
400-BBA-04-110 No tamp fine hole basket. For the seriously muscular addict. Fill it slam it install it and pump like fury, takes about 60 seconds to knock out a shot. Currently out of Stock.
400-BBA-04-105 Spare o-rings for Airspresso body. Set of two. We have never seen a broken one but just in case you're planning a long trip.
400-BBA-04-106 Spare valve for Airspresso. The valve can be disassembled for cleaning purposes but if you're going well off the beaten track maybe a spare just in case.
100-PMP-04-001 Bike pump Airbone small lightweight 100 PSI. This is the most cost effective lightweight pump we have used so far. Comes complete with a schrader valve adaptor and bike mount.
Airpone Pump
100-PMP-04-002 Bike pump Topeak small 120 PSI. Weights a bit more but has a built in valve adaptor and really pumps out some pressure.
Topeak Pump
500-BBA-04-100 Rain Forest Alliance Columbian 200gm sweet with a kick roasted by Carlini Coffee. Ground for the Airspresso.
Coffee Beans
100-BBA-04-112 Presta to Schrader adaptor, allows you to use a pump with car style valve fitting.
100-ATR-01-001 *New* Semi classic fabric tool roll, in the manner of Copenhagen Cycle Chic. For all those cycling tools that have been displaced by the Airpresso tool can. Keeps the tools tidy and the Airspresso on the frame. Larger picture here. The details here.
Tool roll
100-THM-01-001 Thermos small 350ml for the touring musette or day pack. Sturdy and small, keeps the water hot for those languid cycling picnics with a few friends.
All prices include GST other than the Coffee.
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