Light weight tamper.

Reducing the size of the current tamper will remove about 35gms of weight. This will allow it to be stored inside the coffee basket for transport. This will leave the body free for the storage of roughly 80gms of ground coffee. The only down side is a slight loss of rigidity which may require a smaller grind and its slightly more of a fiddle with cold fingers.

Currently being tested.

Schrader Valve Top

While the Presta valve is the most efficient, holds the most pressure and is field repairable the Schrader valve is common. With this in mind a valve inner has be sourced which looks like it may provide reasonable service. It will take a significant redesign of the top to fit it and possibly a stainless steel liner to provide a robust fitting.

Still plenty of design work to be done.

Lightweight Top

By manufacturing the current top in the same plastic as the body it will remove and additional 25gms of weight. It remains to be seen what the effect is on the longevity of the units and if any reinforcing is required to hold pressure.

Currently being tested.


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