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Unmistakable Barn Bluff I don't really remember that much about it. I'd spent the previous day trudging hard and Cradle Mountain was completely socked in right to the foot so there was only this in the distance.

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Big pic of Barn Bluff

Where this all started the Southern Dolomites in Autumn. Lots of interesting peaks and Refugios with decent coffee and food 3-4 hours apart. Picture does not really do the day credit so many subtle forms of light.

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Probably not that secret a place but its in Tasmania, that is all I'm telling about it. A very mystic place surrounded by Mountains.

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Lake St Clare

A long day in the saddle the Grampians in the distance B roads the whole way.

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Long road

Swearing Bob's plain on the Tasmanian Trail a hell of a long way from coffee. Plenty of button grass and rock slabs. Bloody brilliant.

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Tas Trail Swearing Bob's
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