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What is it

The finest of adventures can sometimes go a trifle flat when all you have is instant coffee. With the Airspresso you can produce a quality espresso in the wilderness or a backpackers gaff. The Airspresso:

Produces four espresso shots in one action
Has a single double or triple dose coffee basket
Uses controlled third wave brewing
Is lightweight 200gms, fully optioned 250gms
Is compact 65mm in diameter and 110mm high

The Airspresso's robust construction of anodised aerospace aluminum, engineering plastic and brass will give years of pleasurable caffeine infusion. The passive design mutes many of the unpleasant variables that go into the production of a good espresso, its tolerant to changes in pressure, temperature and grind size. Water and bean quality remain as always defining constants, the best gets you the best. The Airspresso will make a well extracted espresso using hot water under a pressure of 40 to 100 psi.

The elegantly simple design takes up little space in a back pack and is highly reliable with precision parts that can be cleaned and if necessary repaired in the field.

Picture of Airspresso

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Who needs it

Ideal for backpack sports such as Bush walking, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Cross country Skiing and Orienteering. Sports as diverse as long distance Cycling and Bird Watching. Light and compact the Airspresso is the practical alternative to under powered instant, french pressed and "shudder" percolated coffee.

How does it work

Pretty much like any other espresso machine except that air pressure is used rather than steam or pumped water. Making a quality espresso is a simple process load the basket with coffee. Fill with with hot water and pump. By using Hot water rather than supercharged stream many of the bitter extracts normally flushed out remain in the grinds allowing a smooth almost sweet high crema shot to be produced. As a by product of the production method the final crema layer is foamed by the air pressure.

"Concept designed in Melbourne (Melburn if you happen to be a cyclist) Victoria the State of Design. Mechanically rationalised and proudly manufactured in Perthville NSW".

IP Australia Design Registration Number 331637

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